Recollection Cues

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Here's a beautiful playing cue for Cory with one of the more interesting pieces of wood I've seen in some time.  It's a marbled piece of cocobolo with very unusual color and figure.

It's a simple merry widow design, but because of the silver rings and the beautiful piece of wood, it is anything but plain.

Of course, Cory adds a few extra touches to make this cue even nicer, including his special rings made from silver dots and larger, mother of pearl dots.

This wood is not only unique, it's beautiful.  Every once in awhile you see cocobolo with a highly figured grain, but seldom like this.  I didn't even recognize it as cocobolo, and had to ask Cory what it was.

Above and below the wrap, and at the butt cap, he adds his fancy rings consisting of small silver dots and larger, mother of pearl dots.  Then, at the joint, he adds his more understated rings consisting just of silver dots.


For the handle, he wraps it with a heavy black linen, tightly pressed and sealed.  It looks really nice on this cue, and it feels good.

He signs this one on the cocobolo, under the finish, just above the butt cap ringwork.

He builds it with a brass radial pin in flat faced joint.  This combination has always worked well for him, as his cues have a tremendous reputation for playability.

It is 58 inches long and comes with two of Cory's premium maple 13mm shafts with matching ringwork, with Juma ferrules and Tiger Everest tips.  It weighs 19 ounces.

This is a beautiful cue made from a gorgeous piece of wood by a great cuemaker.  It will make a very nice playing cue for someone.