Recollection Cues

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Here is a four point design from Cory Barnhart.  It's a very nice Hoppe-style cue in ebony and curly maple, with some striking veneer work.

This is a subtle, stylish stick that looks like it's made for business, and it is.  This cue is a great playing cue, and has a great look to boot.

He lightly stains the maple nose, which really accentuates the nice curly grain.

Just above the butt cap he adds a wide, white "Hoppe" style ring, with a ring of silver dots above and below it.

He adds a nice "Scotch" textured black leather wrap, which looks very nice, and feels even better in your hand.

The veneer pattern is simple, but has a huge impact on the visual effect of this cue.  They consist of three colors - black, white and blue.  For some reason, however, the blue seems to give the impression of purple when combined with the surrounding woods.

A couple more looks at this good-looking stick.

The points are long, even and sharp.

He signs the cue under the finish, just below the Hoppe-ring and the silver rings.

He builds it with a stainless steel radial pin in a flat-faced elforyn joint.  This has always been a great combination for him.  His cues have a strong reputation for playability.

This cue is 58 inches long and weighs 19.3 ounces (15.2, 4.1,4.1). it comes with two premium maple 13mm shafts with Juma ferrules and Tiger Everest tips.  It is perfectly balanced and a cue someone can immediately feel comfortable with.