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Mike Bender has been a top tier cuemaker for many years.  He lives in Alaska, although he originally began his career as a cuemaker in Chicago many years ago, coming out of the same great cue building tradition as Jerry Franklin, Joe Gold, Dave Barenbrugge, and Bobby Hunter.  

In recent years, Mike has been managing a machine shop full time, so he has not been making as many cues as in the past.  But when he does, they are whoppers.  His wife is a well-known artist and often uses Mike's sticks as a canvas for her scrimshaw art.  He frequently works in Mastodon ivory, but this cue is all old-fashioned, legal, elephant ivory, and there is lots of it.

This stick is a strikingly beautiful, very typical Bender design.  His long ivory points with inlaid spears is a hallmark of the look of many of his cues.  When you see one - even across a room - you know immediately it's a Bender.

The beauty and meticulous work in Bender cues is obvious.  However, the best part of a Bender is its playability.  This cue is no exception.  I have test-hit this cue, and it is a monster player.  It is a 59 inch cue, so it gives a little extra length, but does not have the "whippy" feel that a lot of longer cues has.  It hits solid and yet soft, and is pleasantly stiff.  This is a cue that provides the best of both worlds - beautiful and collectible (and a good investment), and the ultimate in playability.

He builds this stick with his traditional "railroad track" rings of ebony blocks outlined in silver.

The snakewood spears inlaid into the ivory points are a signature look for Bender cues.  You can't get much more "Bender" than you get with this stick.

It has a nice Lizard print leather wrap that looks great and really feels nice in the hand when playing.  It's the perfect addition to a gorgeous cue.  He builds it with his 3/8X10 stainless steel pin with his name engraved in the end of the pin.  

It comes with a Bender set of delrin joint protectors, and two 13mm shafts with ivory ferrules.  I'm not sure what the tips are, but they look like Kamui.  This cue has been played, but you have to look closely to know it.  I have taken a good closeup picture of the shafts - it's obvious that they are in excellent condition and show very little sign of play.

In spite of all the ebony, ivory and silver in this stick, and the fact that it is 59 inches long, it's surprising that it only weighs 18.4 ounces.  It plays great!  This is a rare find - a beautiful cue from (in my opinion) a future Hall of Fame cuemaker loaded up with ivory.  Cues like this are no longer being made.
PRICE:  $4800 plus shipping.