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Here is another beautiful cue from Doug Beasley.  This one is an all ebony stick, with four ebony points layered in multiple blue veneers and large ivory inlays.  It's a knock-out.

The butt sleeve is ebony with a classic inlay pattern.  The ebony in this cue is sheer, dark black. Just above the black phenolic butt cap he uses a very thin, classy silver ring.

The nose, with its four ebony points, is a classic black on black design.  However, it is made unique by the use of four blue veneers to frame the points - a thin one on the outside, two in the middle a bit wider, and another thin one on the inside.

Among the many things I like about Doug's cue is the tight work with very low tolerances.  His work is very meticulous.

Doug's cues have been the choice of top players for some time, including one of the top players in the world, Dennis Orcullo.  After hitting with a few of them, I can see why.  These cues hit extremely well.

At the base of each point, he inlays a large ivory spearhead.  They give the cue a traditional and classy appearance, and it's obvious this cue is made for business.

Between the forearm and the handle, he builds in an ivory ring, framed between two silver rings.  It's one more feature that, overall, gives this stick a very elegant look.

While the points on this stick are not "bridged", they give that appearance at a glance, because he builds in an ebony ring at their base, just above the ivory ring.

Sheer class ...

I wanted to include a couple of pictures of the wrap on this cue.  It's one of the prettiest elephant wraps I've ever seen.  It's hard to describe, and I'm not sure the pictures can show it, but it's just a beautiful piece of leather, with an even texture, and a great feel.

His points are long, sharp and even.  These blue veneers are incredible.

At the butt, he uses a black phenolic cap to provide durability, and in it, he inlays a small ivory oval inside a silver ring, with his DB logo inlaid in very thin ebony.

His shaft wood is exceptional.  It is very tight-grained, and very white.

He builds it with a 3/8X10 steel pin in a flat-faced joint.  It comes with two of his premium low deflection shafts of his own design with short ferrules and Moori layered tips.  It is 59 inches long and weighs 18.7 ounces.  This is a great-playing cue.