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Here's another pretty cue from Doug Beasley - this time a simple merry widow with few accoutrements, but because of the very beautiful piece of wood, is still a real looker.

This time, that special wood is bocote, used a lot in musical instruments, furniture, knife handles and gunstocks.  It is from Mexico, central American and South America, and is an easily workable wood that is very attractive.

The bocote in this cue is striking - highly figured with lots of interlocking grain.  It has a nice rich, deep color.

I've taken quite a few pictures of different sections of the cue, from different angles, to try and show the different aspects of this beguiling wood.

He adds a nickel silver ring at the butt cap and at the joint to add a little variety to the appearance. but I like the way he hasn't tried to busy this one up, and decided to let the wood be the star.

He adds a black phenolic ring just above the wrap to help frame the beautiful forearm.

He wraps the handle with a very nice piece of black Bison leather.  This leather has a plush texture that not only looks good, but feels even better in your hand.

This is a great playing cue, by an excellent cue maker, that is extremely affordable.  It comes with one shaft, of premium maple, with a Juma ferrule and a Moori Brown layered tip.  It weighs 18.8 ounces (15.0, 3.8, 3.8) and is 59 inches long.