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This is a "vintage" Barry Szamboti cue, if one of his cues can be called vintage.  It was made in 1992, and is one of the earliest cues he made.  It has a tradidtional Szamboti design and could easily be mistaken for one of Gus' cues. 

There's no mistaking its true maker, though, as the weight pin is clearly stamped "B.S. '92" under the bumper.  It also has veneer colors that Gus never used.

I had an opportunity to show it to Barry at the 2018 Super Billiards Expo, and he told me it was one of the first cues he made.  At the time, he was still doing the maple windows in the butt sleeve by ebony and maple rings, the same way his Dad did.  After a year or two, he started inlaying the windows.

This cue appears to be in original condition, and show a few marks of time, but overall it is still straight and in good condition.  There are a couple of minor scars in the finish, but it's nice to see the original patina.

The veneers are red and maple, and were Barry's way of putting his own stamp on one of his father's traditional designs.

Very traditional Szamboti rings and maple windows.  Old white linen wrap with green specks.  Delrin butt cap.

Stainless steel piloted joint.  The hit?  100% Szamboti.

This cue comes with the two original Barry Szamboti shafts, both in good condition and straight.  For Barry Szamboti collectors, this is a great cue to round out your collection.