Recollection Cues

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Once again Cory has built one of his "Southwest" style cues with the two part butt sleeve, putting his own twist on it by using fancy Paua shell rings where Southwest using thin wood or fiber rings.  And it works - his dressed-up design adds considerably to the looks of the build.

This one is built from beautiful black ebony and birdseye maple, with colorful veneers.  It's a really classy looking cue, and like all of Cory's cues, it hits a ton.

The same fancy Paua shell and silver rings that he uses three times in the butt sleeve, he also uses above the wrap.  It's a dazzling ring pattern and one he's known for.  Lots of work in it!

The veneer colors are striking - black, blue and white, with the blue standing out as the dominant color.  They perfectly frame the ebony points against the maple background.

I have always thought that Cory's cues are an excellent value - a lot of cue for the money.  His ringwork alone should raise the cost of his sticks, and yet he seems to build it in as part of his routine prices.  But I think now is a very good time to invest in one of his cues.  He has indicated to me that he has made a decision to start relying more on his cue making as a primary source of income as opposed to a sideline.  And to do so, he's going to focus more on higher end work, and as a result, all his prices are going to go up. 

Deep, dark ebony ... pretty birdseye maple ... blue highlights and Paua shell rings, what a great combination.

As always, his points are long, very sharp and even. 

His signature ringwork is always a highlight of most cues he builds, and this one is a good example.

He finishes it with a beautiful black leather wrap with a slightly pebbled texture.

This cue is built with a brass radial pin in a flat-faced joint.  It comes with two Keelwood shafts with Juma ferrules and Tiger Everest tips.  It weighs 19.35 ounces (15.25, 4.1, 4.1) and is 59 inches long.  This cue is an excellent player and a very good value.

As usual, he signs it under the finish on the butt cap.