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Again, from Cory Barnhart, a beautiful and truly unique cue - this one in cocobolo and buttonwood sycamore with eight recut points.  This is a nicely designed stick with pretty woods, made special by exceptional craftsmanship.

Since sycamore is not commong to cuemaking, here is some information on it from a wood source:  "The sapwood of sycamore is white to yellow colored, while the heartwood is light to dark brown.  It has a fine, close, textured and interlocked grain.  It is classified as medium in weight, stiffness, hardness and shock resistance.  It turns well on a lathe and has good bending qualities.  It is commonly used in furniture, flooring, and kitchen products."

The cocobolo in the cue is nicely grained and colored as well, and the combination of the two woods provides a nice contrast and an overall beautiful look.  But best of all, the cue hits the way we've come to expect all Barnharts to hit ... and that means it hits great.

I find a lot of people aren't familiar with recut points.  Not surprising, since so few cuemakers do them.  The process is difficult and time consuming, and not many people want to tackle them.  
While these points seem to be merely cocobolo points with a single maple veneer, they are not.  What he's done is first inlay an entire maple point and then on top of that inlaid a second cocobolo point slightly smaller, to give the effect of a maple veneer.  Most cuemakers have difficulty getting just normal points to come out even, so you can imagine the precision it takes to do this process and have everything come out just right.
Because of the extra work and difficulty, most cuemakers don't like to do them or can't do them.  Also, they feel the extra work isn't appreciated or that people aren't even aware of how much extra work is in the cue, so they just don't do them.  Cory is one of the few exceptions.

The butt sleeve is all cocobolo, framed by a set of his fancy rings.  Each ring is made up of a series of small silver dots mixed with slightly larger dots of mother of pearl.  He finishes the butt with a butt cap of white elforyn.  As usual, he tapers to butt cap so that it is resistant to chipping.

He wraps this one with a nicely textured black leather wrap.

These rings really stand out!

The contrast of these beautiful woods and the precision of his work all go together to make these points something special.

It comes with two 13mm shafts of Cory's premium hard maple, with an elforyn joint.  The joint is constructed of a sleeve of elforyn over wood, with a stainless steel radial pin for excellent playability.  It weighs 19.4 ounces. 
PRICE:  $3200 plus shipping