Recollection Cues

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About the only thing that competes with the great playability of Cory's cues is their unique designs.  He takes basic designs and then makes them classy and special.  This cue is a good example.  It's an eight point cocobolo and maple cue with pretty woods, nicely arranged inlays and an overall pleasing look.

The design of this stick allows Cory to showcase the beauty of the cocobolo.  It shows lots of pretty grain and color.  It contrasts nicely against the curly maple nose, and is highlighted perfectly by the inlays at the base of each point and in the butt sleeve.  

He uses a simple silver dot ring pattern on this cue, allowing the woods to be the stars.

In the butt sleeve he uses the same diamond design as in the points, just in different proportions.  He uses alternating sizes of elongated, stylized diamonds, each with just a small silver dot in the middle.

He adds a black phenolic butt cap and a cocobolo joint (cocobolo sleeve over maple) to add additional visual accents.

Here's another view of the butt sleeve.  I think it shows the silver in the inlays a little better, but it's difficult to pick up in the pics.

I wanted to add a couple of extra pictures which show just how gorgeous the curly maple is in this stick.  

He uses a tightly pressed black nylon wrap on this cue.  At first glance it looks like leather, but the feel of tightly pressed heavy nylon is always nice, and is the favorite wrap of a lot of people.

All the individual features of this cue come together to become a very classic - and classy - traditional cue.  Best of all, it plays like a Barnhart.

It comes with two 13mm shafts of premium hard maple.  He uses Juma ferrules with Tiger Everest tips.  It weighs 19.6 ounces.  

He builds it with a flat faced joint with a brass radial pin.  This cue is moderately priced at $2450 plus shipping.