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Here is a very classy cue from Cory Barnhart that shows why he's one of today's top cuemakers.  This one is a basic four point design with a butt sleeve and points of cocobolo and an ebony nose.  The cocobolo shows pretty grain and the ebony is pure and black.

Of course, the best thing about a Barnhart stick is how well they all play.  He makes one of my favorite playing cues.  They hit soft and solid, and the balance is perfect, in my opinion.

There are a lot of things to point out on this cue.  I'll start with the veneers.  He uses a color pattern of white, yellow and white, separated by black construction paper.  The white is either holly or maple.  The overall effect of the color is a great highlight and gives nice contrast against the dark nose of the cue.  They are really striking.

These colors are really elegant.  It is really a classy cue.

Cory used one of his fanciest ring patterns in the butt sleeve and above the wrap.  It's a pattern of small silver dots and larger dots of mother of pearl.  They add some extra cost to the stick, but are well worth it, since they had so much to the look.

He builds this one with a white elforyn butt cap and joint.  It's a nice combination as they provide beautiful focal points on the cue.  

As usual, he signs the cue in a very subtle way under the finish just above the butt cap.

He uses a black textured leather wrap.  It feels nice and looks good.

He builds it with an elforyn joint that is constructed of elforyn over wood, in a flat faced configuration.  It's the combo that contributes to the great hit of his sticks.   He uses a stainless steel radial pin.

In the butt sleeve and points, he uses an inlay pattern of stylized diamonds with small inlays of mother of pearl in the middle.  They are the perfect final touch to this beautiful cue.

It comes with two 13 mm shafts of premium quality maple with short Juma ferrules for lower deflection.  It has Tiger Everest tips.  It weighs 19.4 ounces.  This cue is brand new and came straight from Cory's shop.  I personally test hit this cue and it is a great playing cue.
PRICE:  $2975 plus shipping