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Here's another gorgeous new cue from Cory Barnhart.  It's a basic four point design, but includes a number of special features that make it special.  It's in cocobolo and birdseye maple, with a very pretty set of veneers and nice rings.

The nose has beautifully figured cocobolo points going into a very pretty piece of birds eye maple.  But the highlight, to me, is the pretty veneer colors that provide nice contrast and become what is a very memorable part of the cue.

He uses white, red, white and black veneers separated with black construction paper for striking visual effect.  However, the red is the dominant color.  The points are long and sharp, as is typical with Cory's construction.  

The butt sleeve is a very nice piece of fully grained and highly figured cocobolo, with a nice inlay pattern, all framed with some of Cory's gorgeous rings.

I would call the rings in this cue Cory's "medium fancy" rings.  Each one is made up of a series of alternating small silver dots and slightly larger mother of pearl dots.  I always love the way his rings catch the light when the cue is in movement.

He uses a black textured leather wrap that is expertly applied.  It looks good on this stick, and feels great in the hand when the cue is in use.

In both the butt sleeve and points, he inlays a pattern of stylized, elongated diamonds made of elforyn, each inlaid in the center with a smaller diamond of abalone.  They add extra highlights and are very pretty.

He adds an elforyn butt cap and joint to complete the overall look of the cue.  One of the small features that Cory does is the way he tapers the end of his butt caps.  I really like this feature, as it protects the butt cap from chipping so easily when the cue hits the ground.  (Temper, temper, guys!)  If you look at the bottom of his cues after they've been played for a few years, they are seldom chipped the way many butt caps are.

He builds this one with his traditional flat-faced joint, this time built of and elforyn sleeve over wood, with a stainless steel radial pin.

This one comes with two 13mm reduced deflection shafts with Juma ferrules and Tiger Everest tips.  It weighs 19.4 ounces.  It is signed by Cory under the finish just above the butt cap.  

This is a great hitting cue, with lots of work for a modest price.
PRICE:  $2850 plus shipping.