Recollection Cues

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Andy Vandervoord has been predominantly making butterfly cues for many years, and his work has continued to get better and better. This cue is of Jarrah wood from Australia, and East Indian Rosewood, and uses maple for the veneers.

Andy has been experimenting and learning about the interaction of woods in butterfly blanks for many years now.  His work has gotten better and better and the beauty and uniqueness of his designs shows it.

It's always difficult to describe the effects and designs created through the use of a butterfly construction.  There is always a variety of designs created, depending on from what angle you're viewing the stick.  This one is typical, and I hope the pictures show just how pretty it is.

As usual, Andy engraves his logo, a stylized AV, into the butt cap.  The grip end of the butt on this one is predominantly rosewood.

There is a multitude of designs created by the interaction of these many layers of wood.  Butterflies must be a lot of fun (and sometimes, I'm sure, a lot of disappointment) because the maker never really knows how they're going to turn out until they put it on the lathe and turn it.  There's always a large element of surprise.

Just for a spot of color and sparkle he adds a small dot of abalone at the end of each point. 

AV cues are built to look good and play good.  They are traditional and yet ground-breaking at the same time.  Not many people have the patience to build butterflies on an on-going basis, but Andy does it year in and year out, and his success is demonstrated by cues like this one.

Andy's cues all come with one shaft, tapering to 13mm at the tip, with aegis ferrules and LePro tips.  They are built with a 3/8X10 stainless steel pin.  This one weighs 20.1  ounces.