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Here's another beautiful butterfly cue from Andy at AV Cue Shop.  As usual he combines a number of unique woods to create an unusual and unique cue.  This one, primarily, is built from Goncalo Alves and Cocobolo.  The two woods contrast nicely, and the result is an attractive cue that plays well.

For the veneers of the cue, he uses a combination of maple, padauk and then again maple.  The result is a striking reddish veneer separating the large sections of padauk and cocobolo.

Andy is now one of the foremost (and actually, one of just a few) cuemakers working with butterfly designs.  In fact, virtually all of his cues are butterflies.  He comes up with some very unusual looks, and this cue is a good example of that.

The veneers really make this cue, in my opinion.  Not only do they provide separation, as intended, but the color adds a striking contrast and highlight.  In addition, the way they come together from opposing directions is very unique.

As usual, Andy puts his "AV" logo on (in this case, near) the butt cap, which in this cue is made of a celluloid material resembling the old pearloid rings which were on a lot of vintage cues.
Don't just think these cues are made for looks.  They are good playing cues, and great value for the money.  This one comes with one 13mm shaft, and it is built with a stainless steel radial pin that insures it will hit a ton.  I like the way he caps and encloses the top of the joint on the butt to keep out possible environmental wear.  It weighs 18.5 oz.

Most people making butterflies always want extra for the work, while Andy still prices his fancy butterfly cues at about the same level as plain merry widow designs by other cuemakers.  This cue is a bargain at $785 plus shipping.