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Andy Vandervoord has been quietly making mostly butterfly cues in Michigan for many years.  Over the last ten years or so, I've been watching his work progress, and it continues to improve every time I see it.  This is a brand new offering from Andy (AV Cues), and it's really nice.

This one is made from Cocobolo (dark) and Burmese Rosewood (light), with American Holly.  The contrasts of the three woods is excellent, and the overall effect of the three different colors interacting with each other in this complex design is striking.

There are very few people out there making complex butterfly patterns like this one, and although there's one or two others out there doing it, Andy's work has progressed to the point that I don't think anyone else is doing it as well.  He is always experimenting, and when his turn out good, they're as good as it gets.

He is also someone who isn't afraid to use unusual woods.  Every time I get a cue from him I learn about at least one new wood that I haven't seen before.

I love the way his cues look different from different viewing perspectives.  Above and below are two pictures of the same section of this cue, one just turned 90 degrees from the other.  It almost looks like a different cue.

I really like the veneers in this one.  They are made of Maple and Spanish Cedar.  At the butt cap, he stacks a number of layers of matching wood for a nice effect.

I love the way the different woods unfurl themselves in the long butterflies, and how well the butterflies line up with each other.  That's not easy.  They all extend into the dark cocobolo nose with perfect contrast.

It's hard to believe the multitude of designs that come from a complex butterfly design.  This one turned out great.  (The making of butterfly blanks is as much art as science.  It involves a unique combination of knowledge and intuition and the willingness to experiment with different ideas.  Not everyone has the patience to do this.  There are a lot of long suspenseful weeks and months waiting to put a glued-up piece on the lathe and see how it will turn out.)

Again, this cue provides multiple viewing opportunities from various angles.

He builds this one with a black phenolic butt cap and joint, with a 3/8X10 pin.  It has one 13mm shaft with an aegis ferrule and a LePro tip, and weighs 20.0 ounces.  This is a gorgeous and unique cue - truly one of a kind.  Even if Andy tried, he couldn't make a second cue that would come out exactly like this one.
PRICE:  $2000 plus shipping