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Here is another beautiful and masterfully made cue by Marcus Dienst at Arthur Cue.  This one is of a curiously honey-colored Amboyna Burl that reminds me of a cue I once had made from Goldfield Burl. Usually amboyna has a more brown or even red tint, but this piece is both unusual and beautiful. 

Those of you who follow cues know that Marcus makes some of the best engineered cues in the world.  The precision of his craftsmanship, and the extra details that he focuses on, make his cues some of the finest and best-hitting cues made.

This cue begins with a simple six point design, with amboyna burl in the butt and points, into a nose of Gabon ebony.  Each point is framed with four layers of veneer - black, brown, white and brown.  They sit nicely against the ebony nose.

Within the base of each point is a mother of pearl "two headed" fleur-de-lis. It's a clean design which is reproduced in the butt sleeve.

The inlays in the butt sleeve are enclosed in three boxes of more amboyna burl, outlined by the same veneer colors as in the points.  There are additional inlays between the boxes.

He wraps it with a Spanish Bull leather wrap that always looks good, feels good, and wears well.  At the base of the butt, he inlays his traditional logo.

The burl has a beautiful honey color - rich and warm, with considerable figure.

He adds a nice set of joint protectors with rings that match the rings in the joint of the cue and on the shafts.  Each cap has the Arthur logo on top.

He builds his sticks with a 3/8 X 10 steel pin in a flat faced joint.  He does two things different from most other cuemakers at the joint.  First, he fills the interior of the joint with a hard resin tht makes it exeptionally solid.  The only other cuemaker I know who does something like this is Dave Barenbrugge.  Second, he uses a hard plastic resin insert inside the female joint of the shafts.  I know of no other cuemaker who does this.  Both of these features contribute to the exceptional hit of his cues.

This gorgeous and conservative stick comes with two 13mm shafts of premium maple with elforyn ferrules.  It weighs 18.8 ounces.  These cues are pricey, but are the ultimate in cue engineering and playability.  They are the most well-respected cues in Europe and deserve great respect wherever they are played.

Meeting with Arthur Dienst, Maker of Arthur Cues of Germany