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This is a great playing set from one of the better cue makers in the Southeast, Arnot Q.  Arnot Q. Wadsworth was from Florida and made fine quality cues until he passed away in 2017.  He had a good reputation for making moderately priced cues that have a fairly stiff and solid hit.  He proudly engraved his name in the delrin butt cap of each cue.

This is a matching set, both using deep rich bocote as the primary wood, with maple as the secondary.  It's a pre-owned set, and has a few small finish dings, with shafts in excellent condition.  It was made in 2001.

He built this set with a two part butt sleeve of bocote and maple. In the maple portion he has inlaid his logo.  And as shown, this cue is "pre-dinged", in other words, it shows a few of the little finish dings that you inevitably get in a cue you've played regularly with for a few months.  But aside from the few dings, these are both in very good condition.

He adds the same bocote/maple combination at the joint, again with the logo, and uses brass 3/8X10 pins in a flat-faced, wood to wood joint.

The player cue has a classy black"Teja" lizard wrap on the handle, while the jump/break cue has a nice black textured leather.  Doing a little research on-line on Arnot Qs, it seems that his break cues have a strong reputation.

He did a nice job of blending black delrin rings at varous points throughout the cues - above and below the wraps, and at the jump/break joint where the cue breaks down.

I've tried to be sure and show the "dings in this cue.  There aren't that many, but I've tried to make sure any potential buyer knows they are there in advance.

The bocote is dark and shows lots of grain.  It's very nice quality.

At the joint he adds some thin, lime-colored rings that are very pretty.

He added custom joint protectors made from matching bocote and ebony, with his name engraved in the top.

This is a very nice playing set that an everyday player can use on a daily basis and really appreciate.  The J/B cue weighs 18.3 oz., and the Player weighs either 18.8 or 19.2, depending on which shaft is used (one weighs 3.8 and the other 4.2).  The weight difference is owed primarily to the length - one shaft is 29-1/4 in. and the other is 30-1/4 in.  All shafts are T3 "Terminators", with ivory ferrules on the player shafts.  They were considered by Arnot as "low deflection." 

Total length, depending on which shaft is used, is either 58-1/4 or 59-1/4.  One of the player cues has an LBM ferrule and the other a 1 inch ivory ferrule.  The J/B shaft has a stiff, conical taper with a Taom Red break tip.

(Original costs on this cue was $1300 for the player and $200 for the JPs in 2001.  The JB cost  was $800, plus $100 for the JPs.  Grand total: $2400.)