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This, of course, is the Aquarius version of the Constellation series.  Like the others, it is basically eight points of beautiful Australian blue abalone in an ebony nose, with beautiful ringwork, and a lavishly inlaid Zodiac symbol inlaid into the ebony butt.

Aquarius, the 11th Zodiac sign, is symbolized by the water bearer, bringing essential nutrients to the earth.  It is often characterized by the water-bearer carrying water in some kind of vessel.  In this cue, that theme is represented by a vessel of pouring water.

While the forearm of each cue in this series is built alike, each has its own look and characteristics because of the differences in the abalone points.  Typically you only seen abalone in relatively small pieces in small inlays.  In these cues, the pieces are long and big, and you are able to see the beautiful differences in various pieces - every one is like a fingerprint ... different in its own way.

Sorry for the glare and reflections on some of these pics - ebony and silver cues are the most difficult of all to photograph well.

Each of the long points is outlined in silver veneer, perfectly accenting the abalone against the ebony nose.  Between each of the long points are shadow points of silver, with a spear head of copper.

The work in all of these cues is always perfect.  Everything is meticulously done, and the designs are fabulous - simple, but elegant.  The rings are gorgeous.  Notice that the ring work on each of these Constellation cues is different.  This one uses the two small wavy lines to represent the Greek symbol for water.  These alternate with small ovals of abalone outlined in copper.

The butt sleeve is fabulous, using the Aquarius artwork as a centerpiece, and framing it between two sets of rings.

In each of the cues in this series, the featured Zodiac sign (in this case, Aquarius) is boldly framed in the center, with the Zodiac wheel, containing all twelve Greek symbols for the other signs.

The copper and silver veneer work in these cues is very sharp and precise. 

They are incredibly sharp and even.

It comes with a custom set of joint protectors with matching ringwork on the bolt protector and the North Demon logo on the tops.

He uses the same ringwork at the joint and on the collars of the shafts.  It comes with the North Demon medium tips, and is built with a titaniu alloy radial pin in a flat-faced joint.  The shafts are 12.5 at the tip and taper up to 12.8 at the base of the ferrule.  From there, the cue is conically tapered, giving a soft and yet fairly stiff hit.  Cheng fine tunes every shaft that leaves his shop, producing shafts with great strength and very low deflection. 

These cues are very hard to obtain, so here's a chance to get a very unique one without a long wait.  This one could be yours and in your hands within a couple of days.  It is brand new, straight from Cheng's shop, and in perfect condition.  It is 58 inches long, and the butt weighs 14.6, the shafts 3.85 and 4.0, for a total weight of about 18.5-18,6 oz.