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I've admired the work of AE cues from Denver, Colorado for a long time, but the two cues I have by them right now are the first ones I've had on the site.  As the years have gone by, I've watched them produce some monster cues, and even win the prestigious "Collectors Choice" Award at the International Cue Collector Show.  This one falls into that category of "big" cues.

There's an amazing amount of work in this cue.  It's loaded up - and I mean loaded up - with beautiful mother-of-pearl, ivory and silver.  The butt sleeve is completely covered with inlays, as is a good portion of the nose.  AE is well-known for their inlay work, and this cue shows why.

They do a great job of merging the inlay work in the nose into the five sleek, long ivory points, all against the backdrop of pure, black ebony.  The joint configuration is unusual.  It has a single ring of silver diamonds circling it, and the shafts have black collars, so that when the shafts are affixed, the only thing there to show the joint is the silver diamonds -- a very classy look.

This unbelievably gorgeous cue is a great player as well.  They've applied a textured black leather wrap on which you have to search for the seam to find it, and even then you're not sure.   It comes with two 13mm shafts with layered Moori tips, and weighs  19.4  ounces.  It's fitted with a flat-faced, wood to wood joint with a radial pin. 
This stick comes straight from the AE shop, and is brand new.  It ranks right up there with some of the "best and brightest."  If you want a cue that will catch people's eye, this is it.  It's a looker!  
PRICE:  $6650.