Recollection Cues

Collectible Cues, Cases & Quality Players


Chris Byrne has been making cues in Colorado since 1994, and has developed a very solid reputation as a premier cue maker.  His work is very precise and meticulous, and his work is exceptionally clean.  For the most part, he makes traditionally designed sticks, and puts a premium on playability.

His name may not be as well-known as some, but he is highly respected among true cue afficionados.  This is mostly because of his excellent craftsmanship, but also because they are in such demand.  He doesn't make a lot of cues.  He's a busy guy with a young family and a full time job.  He's not only a cue maker, but an auto mechanic, gun-smith, car enthusiast and competitive shooter in trap and skeet as well as long range rifles.  Because of all these interests, he doesn't turn out a big volume of cues, but when they leave his shop, they're special.

It's easy to see why his cues are hard to get, and in such demand.  I think they stand up well in comparison to any of the "top" cue makers whose cues sell for much higher prices.  They play well, look good, and I believe one of the best investments in the cue market today.