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This is another slick 2X4 by Roger Assunco at Volturi.  He calls it the "Brogue" and it's black with tan highlights.

The whole case is very pretty, and I especially like the way he uses white dots and white stitching at various places to complement the white bumps in the stingray.

It is built with two front pockets - one 7 inches and the other 16-1/2 inches.  The top pockets zips along two sides for easy access, and the lower, large pocket is zippered on each side and lined separately to accomodate a jump butt, or extension.

There isn't a ton of carving in this one, but nonetheless it comes across as a stunning case.  It's one that will definitely catch one's eye.

I took pictures of the back of the case without the shoulder straps attached so that the view of it is unobstructed.  It comes with two shoulder straps and pads so that it can be carried back-pack style, or single shouldered using only one of the straps. 

The black leather on the body of the case is slightly textured, and the brown leather on the pockets has a slight swirl effect in the coloring.  It's a handsome case.

Like all his 2X4s and 3x6s, it has a top with an attached carry handle, hinged on one side and with a twist latch on the other side.  And the bottom is fitted with his rubber "horseshoes" to protect the case and make it quite durable.

Volturi cases are extremely well-built with quality materials, ornate carving and delightful designs.  They have one of the best interiors on the market, and will safely and securely hold and protect your cues.  They are an excellent value.