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Here's another exquisite 2X4 case from Roger Assunco at Volturi.  His cases are always well-built, using quality leather, expert hand-carving, and stunning designs to achieve great value.

This one is mostly black, with blue highlights and a bit of white.

I took pictures of the back of this case without the shoulder straps so that the carving and beauty could be easily seen.  It comes with two shoulder straps with pads so that the case can be carried back-pack style or on one shoulder using one strap. 

The diamonds are inlaid with stingray leather, surrounded by white dots.  The white highlights really show well against the black background.

It is built with two front pockets, a 7 inch and a 16-1/2 inch.  The longer pocket is fully zippered on both sides, and the interior is lined so that the jump butt or extension is held separately inside.

There is a side handle and a top handle for different handling options.  His tops are hinged on one side and secured with a thumb twist-latch on the other.

Volturis are extremely well-made, with high-quality leather, superb carving, and exquisite designs.  They have one of the best interiors, holding the cues securely and safely.  They are a great value in the case market.