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Roger Assunco of Volturi Cases is making some of the best cases in the world.  They are high quality, with beautiful and creative hand-carving and absolutely gorgeous designs.  This case is a unique, one of one, magnificent design.

It is a black-bodied 3X6, with heavily engraved pockets, top, back, and even sides.  The carving is mostly done in orange and yellow and to say it is elaborate is perhaps understating it -- the back especially, which covers most of the back and winds around the sides, almost completely encircling the case.

I've taken pictures of the back of this case without the shoulder straps, so you can clearly see the work.  It comes with two straps and shoulder pads so that it can be carried back-pack style or on one shoulder using only one strap.

The carving on this case is amazing.  The colors are stunning, and the way the big pattern wraps around the side to the front creates a wonderful effect.  It is built with two pockets - a 7 inch and a 16-1/2 inch.  The long one is zippered on both sides, and it is lined internally to hold a jump butt or extension separately from your other accessories.

As usual, it has a nice side handle as well as a top handle attached to the lid. His tops are always hinged on one side, conveniently falling out of the way when opened.

He uses red stitching all around and it really shows well.  This is an impressive case.

As with all his 2x4s and 3x6s, he fits it with rubber "horse shoes" on he bottom to keep it from slipping when leaned, stand up straight when you want, and protect it from unnecessary wear.

Volturis are exceptionally well-built cases, with quality leathers, superb hand carving and impressive designs.  They are all a great value in today's leather market, especially ones that are a "one of one" design.